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A monthly series of informational entries

V.I.P. (Very Important Pets) Newsletter

October 2021

How to Brush your Dog for Their Coat Type

As groomers, we come across many different dog coats and styles. As cooler weather comes, many owners go to the longer styles to keep their pets warmer.

Do you brush your dog regularly, only to bring him to the groomer and find there are matts anyways? This is a common problem for pet owners. One that can be fixed with switching to the correct brush or comb type and learning simple brushing techniques. A majority of breeds will benefit from a slicker brush and metal toothed comb. Other brushes simply wont get down to the skin and therefore slip right over top of the knots. If in doubt, ask us at your next visit which brush or comb will work best for your dog. We would also be happy to demonstrate proper brushing of your particular dog’s coat.  

Types of brushing tools:

1.Slicker Brush: A slicker brush can be found in many sizes and varieties. They can be big and square to small and round and everywhere in between. The key is the metal tines. If you are worried about the metal scratching your dog, we sell ones with small balls on end of the tines.

2.Bristle brushes: These are recommended for short coats and they can help to finish brush, bringing the natural oils throughout to create shine. Boars bristles are best.

3.Curry Brush: These are handheld rubber brushes with rubber teeth. They are used for deshedding short to long haired coats

4.Combs: Combs should be metal tined and a length that can get through your dog’s coat to the skin. Very useful for curly and long coats. Poodle and Doodle owners should definitely have this in their arsenal of grooming tools at home. Brushing with a slicker brush first then using a comb to the skin throughout the coat. If you find a knot, you can “pick” it apart with the comb. When you can go through the entire body with comb, you will then be done with brushing your pet.

5.Matt breaker tools: Certain dogs are prone to matting. If the wind blows, it seems, there’s a matt. A matt breaker is a long toothed “comb” with razors on one side of tines. (Yes, we sell them and can show you how to use them). They can be used by getting between the matt and skin and using a sawing motion to break through the matt repeatedly until it is gone.

6.Undercoat rake/ Deshed tools: A matt rake looks like a small garden tool, a Hoe. It has a handle with metal teeth in 1-3 rows that will get down to skin and help keep matts from forming and help to shed undercoat in double

coated dogs. 

How to Brush and Comb your Dog’s Coat

1.Use one hand to part the dog’s fur down to the skin. Use your other hand to start brushing from the skin down the hair shaft.

2.Follow a pattern of brushing from the top of your dog’s head down to his tail. This is called line brushing.

3.Once you have line brushed the entire coat, take a metal comb and run it through from head to toe and tail, until you are satisfied that you have not missed any knots in the coat. Pay special attention to legs, belly, tail and around ears, where knots are known to hide. Also, if you use a collar or harness on your dog, make sure you have no knots in this area either.

Just like your own skin and hair, a dog’s skin and coat are reflections of his overall health. It is very important to take care of your canine friend’s skin and coat, as the skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body. The skin forms a barrier to protect your dog’s body from various infections, and it helps maintain the body’s internal environment.

Keeping your dog’s skin healthy is not a big chore. Just a few extra steps or tips can keep your furry friend’s skin and coat healthy all throughout the year.

Pre-scheduling for Season now! 

Season is upon us and our schedule is filling up. We encourage our clients, if you know your dog's grooming schedule (every 4, 6 or 8 weeks), we would love to schedule you on a recurring basis through season. If you just want to make an appointment without recurring, please call 2-3 weeks in advance of your desired date. 

V.I.P. (Very Important Pets) Newsletter

August 2021

Fun in the Dog Days of Summer

Can you believe it's August already? Don't let summer slip away without planning some fun, hot-weather activities with your pets. We have oodles of ideas for those piping hot days.

Go to the beach: If your dog likes water, Bring them to the beach on the next muggy day. Just be aware that the sand can be very hot and can burn their paw pads leaving them sore and tender, if not burned and blistered. Remember, if it’s too hot for your bare feet; it’s too hot for their feet too! Invest in some doggy shoes or socks for the trek to the perfect spot. You can also explore going early in the morning or later in the afternoon or early evening when there are more shady spots. If your pet isn't sure about this activity, try it but don't force them in the water. Let them warm up to it slowly. Did you know that drinking salt water can be dangerous? It’s always a good idea to bring fresh cool water and a bowl for you dog to stay hydrated. Salt water can cause diarrhea and other issues. Not all dogs are natural-born swimmers, so have a life jacket on your pooch if they are not leashed.

Frozen treats: Fill a Kong toy with some dog food, mashed banana, or peanut butter and freeze it. It makes a refreshing treat on a hot day (your cat will love a stuffed Kong too)!

Flavored Bubbles: How about bacon-flavored bubbles? You can buy a small jar or a bubble machine on Amazon. Some dogs love this activity; if your pooch does, it's excellent exercise, too.

Bring you dog out on the town: If your pup has good manners, dine out or have coffee with your dog. Call ahead to see if pets are allowed - many restaurants have outdoor seating areas and will welcome your best friend. If your dog isn't ready to sit still for an entire meal, start with an ice cream stand. Many have vanilla-flavored dog cones. Jammin’ Jensen is a dog and family friendly activity you can enjoy together every Thursday evening.

Go camping: it's an excellent activity for the entire family, including your dog. Many camping areas allow dogs on leashes. Campgrounds have many dog activities, such as hiking and swimming. Check with your camping area to see if they are pet friendly.

Get your best friend dog-tired with a hike in the woods. Be sure to bring water for them and keep your dog's fitness level in mind!

Summer is a great time to bond with your pets. With a little creativity, your family AND your pets will have a blast this summer!

Island Dawg News:

-Save $$ with our Referral Cards: $5 account credit for you and $5 off first visit for your friends. Ask in spa for Referral cards. Save $$ with our Clip Cards. Every time you get your dog groomed (with hair cut) you will receive a Clip Card punch. After 10 grooms, you receive $20 off your next groom.

-Now offering Dog Massage for your anxious pets and senior pets with arthritis. Ask how your dog can upgrade their Spa Day. $20/ 30 mins. Can be performed in bath or dry. Let us know if you are interested in attending a dog massage class at the spa.

-Doggie Beach/ Travel bags on sale now for $20!!!! 4-piece set comes with collapsible water and food bowls, treat / potty bag clip on pouch and cross body bag.

-Ask about our custom collars and leashes. Many options to choose from.

BEST NEWS- We are expecting! Your Groomer, Crystal is having her first child in February 2022! Be sure to congratulate her !

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